All things shehab ( Amy and Sandra). I stumbled upon this thread accidentally , but not even slight little bit surprised at this info

All things shehab ( Amy and Sandra). I stumbled upon this thread accidentally , but not even slight little bit surprised at this info

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The Heaux of LSA

I wanted beverage on these Egyptian beauties just who live the life span



Correct, just about all their crap are Aliexpress and I also spotted that she was upset at some girl for “duplicating” the girl. Hilarious. She today put the girl term on precious jewelry, the girl Chinese plug must be close but I’m not sure if she actually is creating that much revenue. It looks like she nevertheless life at the girl mother in Jersey, Sandra relocated to Los Angeles i do believe. Sandra might internet dating this Dominican man she resides down for quite a while now (Josh Beaupain on IG) no one understands exactly what he really does but we read the guy had gotten revenue.



I came across this bond unintentionally , however perhaps the slightest little astonished at this information. I use to adhere to the Shehab siblings and Amaya a little while right back . And that I believe it absolutely was kinda fascinating just how Amaya basically have this completely new enhanced life and character because she’s with the buddy . I had gotten mentor vibes from him however it’s strange because they comprise with each other since she was 16 or 17 and he’s inside the 20s i believe .. and she merely transformed 19. So I am confused about that role but You will findn’t inspected through to them in forever until now . As I went along to Amaya’s visibility I saw the girl new face . Her lip area have a look absolutely terrible . They truly are too large for her and appear abnormal. I am aware she’s a signed unit today which’s cool and all in case shawty keep getting efforts done she maybe not gonna has employment with a botched face . I have they whether or not it’s only a little work done occasionally but sloww downnnn . I began to see she had been modifying a whole lot when Chris brown going appropriate the girl in the gram . The lifestyle absolutely got her over. And wow it got the siblings THIS long to realize she got using them ? Lolol we peeped video game from the start .

oh therefore from the money because of the Dubai thing . Everyone knows specially when Instagram “models” head to Dubai it is never for no holiday . It’s practically to be pissed and pooped on for shelves or a bag . Either that or something like that more peculiar and perverted or maybe just gross . But obviously they maybe not gonna tip at that , they simply showing you the overly edited “vacation” pictures for the sundown and small bikinis . Used by some unknown trace individual you never discover .



Tbh I don’t find out about those two influence I do know that Sandra become above unit before very she have links into the field one way or another and it ended up being discussed earlier that Amy use to feel Chris browns kids sitter/ fwb to discover the woman links . Possibly both of them bring sponsors they seem like the nature . Specially aided by the traditions they living. So that as for Amaya she’s youthful and went mind very first inside traditions you would certainly be surprised at just what many people would your lavish existence . Even though some body comes across chill and cool on social and holy does not imply they’dn’t take action peculiar for many changes . And I had no clue Sandra keeps a devote Los Angeles . Like I mentioned I’m actually just checking in on all those people after a number of years lol


Best, every this lady shit was Aliexpress and I also spotted that she ended up being angry at some girl for “copying” their. Hilarious. She today added their title towards accessories, the woman Chinese connect must really be good but I don’t know if she is making that much funds. It seems like she nevertheless life at the lady mom in Jersey, Sandra transferred to Los Angeles i believe. Sandra has become online dating this Dominican guy she lives off for a while today (Josh Beaupain on IG) nobody knows what he does but we heard he had gotten cash.

I don’t know just who Dbz are but Amaya Colon (amayacolonn on IG) was a higher end companion now as a result of internet dating Shehab’s sibling Adam which let their to gain fans since Sandra and Amy placed this lady on. The siblings unfollowed this lady because they see they got employed for her own private build (clout if so). You will find she ended up being simply in Dubai (exactly who goes toward Dubai for fun. no person) and also in their stories you will see she was with a bunch of rich arab guys whom almost certainly travelled the girl outside and paid this lady a great chunk of income to have peed/shitted on (usual for the majority of IG “models” who go to Dubai/Abu Dhabi). This woman is very younger, like 19, along with plenty of injections/work done. Upsetting circumstances truly. I am not sure precisely why she’sn’t already been subjected yet.

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